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The 8 Best Multiplayer Xbox Games To Play!

best Xbox multplayer games
“What are the best multiplayer Xbox games out there?” is a burning question Xbox Live has created among  avid gamers. One of the most popular features of Xbox is the ability to go online through Xbox Live. The beauty of that feature is that you can
play games with people that are not in the room with you, and not just one or two other players, but many. This adds a social element that was previously missing from gaming much of the time. Not all Xbox games are suitable for multiplayers, however. And others might not be worth playing. So the question remains which Xbox multiplayer games are truly the best?

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare:

This 2007 Activision game is the fourth in the Modern Warfare series. It is a 1st person shooter game set in modern times (unlike previous versions of Call of Duty). The 2011 setting takes place when the president of a Middle Eastern country gets assassinated and civil war breaks out in Russia. The conflicts take place in The United Kingdom, The Middle East, The Russian Federation, The Ukraine, and Azerbaijan and are seen from the perspective of a U.S. Marine and a British Commando. This is a very poplar game with users and critics alike.  It ranks at 94% on Metacritic and GameRankings. It consistently ranks best out of the Call of Duty line. It also won Best Xbox 360 Game from IGN. When played as a multiplayer Xbox game, there are a variety of game modes and players earn more weapons, attachments, and camouflages. Also, each player’s performance is recorded with experience points. Players can earn them by killing players from the other team, winning challenges, meeting objectives and by finishing rounds and matches. Players get various perks from earning experience points.

Halo 3:

Halo 3 is another first person shooter game from 2007, this one by Bungie. The game takes place during an intergalactic war in the twenty-sixth century. The war is between humans and the alien race of the Covenants. There are vehicles and weapons involved in the warfare. When played on Xbox Live, the game can be played with up to sixteen players. Players can decide which map and rules to use during the game. Players can choose between the various playlists to decide how they want to play the game.

Dark Souls:

Dark Souls by Namco is a game for more mature players, but well suited for multiplayer mode. Rather than being a very competitive game, players help each other beat this Japanese game. The game is really for serious gamers as it challenges you to play it and mocks you along the way. The enemy bosses can kill players easily, but it makes it more exciting when you kill one of them. During this exciting game, players can leave messages, warnings, and hints for each other throughout the game boards. Of course, these messages can also be left to try to trick other players. To make it more challenging, players are not able to communicate via headphones during the game. It is a very different Xbox Live Multiplayer game, but exciting none-the-less.

Hitman: Absolution:

Hitman: Absolution by Square Enix is another in the Hitman series. In this instalment, the main character, Agent 47, is being hunted by the police and has been forsaken by all those that he previously trusted. Players take on the role of Agent 47 while he is on his most important mission ever.  A special feature for this version of the game is called “Contracts Mode.” In this multi-player mode, the players can create challenges for each other. They get to set the target, difficulty level, weapons allowed, time limits, and so on of the contract. Players can earn game currency to buy weapons and other things for Agent 47 to use during the main game. The Contracts Mode really adds an extra level of excitement to this awesome multiplayer X-box game.

Portal 2:

Portal 2 is another one of the best multiplayer Xbox games out there. Electronic Arts released this first person puzzle-platform game in 2011. The game is made up of a series of puzzles where the player needs to teleport around to solve them. The players travel around using portals. This version of the game includes new features like: tractor beams, laser redirection, light bridges and special power gel paints. The multiplayer mode allows players to control “infinitely respawning robots.” There are now four portals rather than two and the multiplayer mode works on the co-op split screen principle.

Star Wars Battlefront II:

In this LucasArts game players can choose to be one of dozens of characters. The game is based, of course, on the epic Star Wars series. This version of the game offers 13 new battlegrounds. Players can also now roll forward and sprint. The multiplayer mode can accommodate up to 36 players. Players can select to be in a ground battle with vehicles and foot travel or they can choose a battle in the air with starships and other air vehicles. This game is rated very high by users for fast paced multiplayer Xbox fun.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas:

UBI Soft’s game is full of action and one of the best to play in multiplayer mode. This game is set in Las Vegas where the streets are in the middle of a hostile terrorist take over. The whole future of global securities is on the line. The player(s) must save various landmarks in Vegas. Those familiar with Vegas will recognize places like Freemont Street, the Casinos and The Strip. The characters in the multiplayer experience change as you play online and players can unlock more equipment as they complete tasks and challenges.

Soulcalibur IV:

This 2008 Nameco game is the fourth in the Soul series. This is a fighting game series. An update to this version is that three Star Wars characters are available to be playable fighters. The story of this game is focused on the ancient King Algol and his connection to a spirit sword called Soulcalibur. Most characters in the game are motivated out of a desire to get the sword, destroy it, or defend it. During the multiplayer mode, players can flip to other members of the group of fighters in the middle of a battle.

Xbox has such a diverse offering of games that there is just truly something for everyone. One of the true innovations in recent years is the ability to have multiplayer games through Xbox Live. Adding to the competition, comradery, and social aspect of the games, multiplayer versions add much to the Xbox game experience. These games are some of the very best multiplayer Xbox games that can be played!

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