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The Best Xbox Games for Kids

best xbox games for kids
“What are the best Xbox games for kids?” is a question of modern parenting. It’s no secret that kids of all  ages love video games. The Xbox certainly is fun for the whole family offering a wide array of games. The problem is that what is appropriate for
your 18 year old may not be for your 10 year old and the game that your 10 year old loves may be too hard for your 5 year old to enjoy. From appropriateness, to interest of content, to difficulty, there is a lot to consider when picking out top children's games for the Xbox.  This guide can help you sort through all of those green boxes!

The Best Xbox Games for Younger Children

Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster:
This game appears on every critic and mom’s list of favorite kids’ games for the Xbox. Children as young as two can play, depending on their ability level, and by four use will pose no problem. This is a Kinect game that will have children on their feet and moving around. Players get to interact with all of the Sesame Street characters like: Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Oscar the Grouch. It works best with two players. Of course, since it is from Sesame Street it promotes learning. Children playing this game will learn about being a good friend, being generous, and being responsible.

Kinect Disneyland Adventures:
This is another game that requires the Xbox Kinect. Young children will be able to play this along with the whole family. The game allows players to travel through Disneyland from Main Street, to the rides, to the souvenir shop. Players get to meet up with their favorite Disney characters and participate in all kinds of challenges and adventures. They can try to battle with Captain Hook right alongside Peter Pan, hug Snow White, or even high-five Mickey Mouse himself.

Kinectimals – Now with Bears:
This beloved Kinect game was made specifically for young Xbox players. There are twenty different animals with whom kids get to play. Your young kids will rate this as one of their favorite Kids’ games for Xbox as they will see their hands on the screen as they move to play with and touch the animals. This addition of Kinectimals has the additional bear cubs that previous versions did not. In addition, if your children buy Build-A-Bear Workshops, some of the bears are able to be scanned in to the game.

The Penguins of Madagascar: Dr. Blowhole Returns Again!:
This Kinect game is perfect for young players. They will burn off energy as they participate as the newest member on the penguins’ team. They will run, bend, jump and kick during their adventure in teamwork. As they play they will learn that everybody, no matter how different they are, has something to offer. If your kids have watched the Madagascar movies they will be thrilled to be playing with their penguin pals, but even if they didn’t, they will have a blast playing this game.

The Top Xbox Games for Kids of a Variety of Ages

Kinect Sports:  Season 2
Moving forward with the list of the best Xbox games for kids brings us to Kinetic Sports: Season 2. Like all connect games, this one will have your children moving all over and working up a sweat. This game is rated E for Everyone and really can be enjoyed by many.  Older children  will love the challenge and skills needed to do well. Younger children will just have fun participating. This second edition of the game includes six sports that were not in the earlier addition: darts, baseball, skiing, golf, tennis, and football (American).

Puss in Boots:
This Kinect game for kids will fascinate children that are familiar with the Shrek movie and Puss in Boot’s spin-off movie. But kids don’t need to know the characters to enjoy playing. Players have to help Puss in Boots be the hero and catch the Golden Goose. Older kids will have fun trying to navigate the adventure and younger kids will enjoy interacting with the fun characters.

Happy Feet 2:
This exciting children's game is based on the characters from the movie, Happy Feet. Children play the part of Mumble as he and Ramon travel all over the Antarctic and try to save their whole tribe from becoming extinct. This is a fun rhythm and dance game but does not require the Kinect. There is a lot of upbeat music to keep children grooving as they play.

uDraw Game Tablet:
This is an accessory / game for the Xbox. It connects to the Xbox. Users draw on the tablet like pad and their drawings show up on the big screen. Because it has a variety of applications, it is fun for kids of a variety of ages. Kids can draw or color as well as learn about art. And as a bonus for parents, there is no need to scrub crayons off the wall after this art session!

The Most Popular Xbox Games for Older Children

FIFA Soccer 12:
If your kids are soccer fans, they will go crazy for this game. It is the newest in their series. A new feature on the game is referred to as Precision Dribbling and it has the players looking more realistic than ever before.  The effects for the fans in the stadium are also better than ever. It is clean wholesome fun for children. It does have the ability to be played on line, but of course that needs to be monitored by parents.

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7
This is a follow up to the excellent kids’ Xbox game LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4. It is based on the last three books in the Harry Potter series. Kids don’t necessarily have to be familiar with the books or movies, but a lot of the situation might not make sense to them if they aren’t. This game is rated for Everyone 10 and up, but it isn’t due to any inappropriate content. This is a puzzle game and the tasks would be harder for younger kids. However, if a parent or older sibling played along with them to help them out, they could have a lot of fun, too.

Sonic Generations:
This is another great Xbox game for kids. In this version of a Sonic game, the popular hedgehog has to fight a new enemy. He ends up in the past and even turns into a younger version of himself for a time. Your older children will have a blast playing this new game with a classic character.

Forza Motorsport 4:
In this you will find a fun Xbox racing game for your young ones. This Kinect game allows children to use their bodies as cars.  The graphics and sound effects are very realistic. Any racing fans in your family will love trying to race their way to victory.

Bejeweled 3:
Bejeweled is probably a familiar game to many of you and it is a fun  game for children. This third version has eight different modes to be played in. The game has nothing objectionable in it for younger children. The puzzles, however, would be difficult for younger children to play. There is no question that Xbox has amazing games for kids. This gaming console has such a variety of games that there truly is something for every type of person of every age. Hopefully this guide to the best Xbox games for kids can help you in making your choice of the best Xbox games to buy your children. Additional Kids' games for all major video gaming consoles can be found at our online store!

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