Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Types of Xbox: The new 720 – facts and rumors

Types of Xbox: The 720
The total of the types of Xbox is soon to become two. The 720 version, is the Lochness monster of the Internet's gaming chat rooms and blogs. Rumors of specifications, release dates, even the name have
flown around for over a year. Still, while nothing is definite, a few things are certain.

The first and most important one for the folks at Microsoft: This new system looks to be a huge seller. According to reports, searches for the newest Xbox models outpace searches for the Playstation 4 by about 200%.

Of course, without the device in anyone's hands, there is no way to be sure, but here is what seems to be factual:

The Xbox 720 will be much more powerful than the Xbox 360. Some websites are reporting as much as 10 times more powerful. Faster more powerful processing may mean better games, better graphics and, ultimately, a system that might be able to break ground in gaming design and technology.

There may be a Kinect 2.0 being released with the newest type of Xbox. Some of the talk is that a Kinect 2.0 will be built right into the Xbox 720. If it is, the question will be if it will have all the right components to be self-powered and self-standing or if it will be powered through the new Xbox type. If it is through the 720 tower, there is some concern that it might not be as powerful as it might otherwise be.

The new type of Xbox controller may contain a small touchscreen, as well as motion sensitive technology. The touchscreen will allow users to control the games from the Kinect or from the screen. Again, this might push the envelope on the technology. What new and crazy applications could exist if you have a touchscreen in your hand, as well as a game on your television?

Will the new 720 version be able to play Blu-ray? It seems likely that there will be some application that will allow the playing of HD movies, but rumor has it that Blu-ray technology will be excluded. It appears that Microsoft is opting for SSD cartridges or digital downloads instead.

As 2 types of Xbox one thing the 720 and 360 already have in common is that each has a codename. It has been revealed on Twitter after a developers' conference in London, that the 720 model has been codenamed “Durango.” The codename has not been explained, but it definitely sounds cool.

No one is really sure what game will be available for the Xbox 720, but one ugly little rumor appears to be true: Microsoft is looking to kill the pre-owned games market. According to a number of sources that claim to be reliable, Microsoft is installing a technology that will forbid users from playing a game that is not an original purchase of theirs. Games that have been pre-owned will be unable to play on the new system.

The last and most important question: When will the latest Xbox model be available? No one knows. The Internet has rumors going back as early as the beginning of 2011. It still hasn't been released and there is no official date yet.

And so we all wait for a gaming system with the same level of security as the Manhattan Project; we all sit on the edges of Area 51 waiting for this and new types of Xbox to come in the future.

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