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Xbox Racing Games of 2012 Listing

Xbox racing games
Need a list of  Xbox racing games? You've come to the right place!  2012 was a great year if you are an Xbox racing game enthusiast.  There were a good twenty games released with many of them in the later
part of the year. From games geared towards kids to those for teens and adults, there was something for everyone this year.

One of the last games released last year was Microsoft Game Studio’s Trials Evolution:  The Riders of Doom on December 19th.  Developed by RedLynx, The Riders of Doom has forty new tracks. The Big Sand Lands setting is also new for this game. Predictably, there is a new motorbike, downloadable content, but there are also ten Skill Games that are new and a lot of fun to test your gaming skills.

Just the day before that, Microsoft Game Studios released Forza Horizon: Rally Expansion Pack developed by Playground. It included different cars, more events and new achievements. For those that bought the Forza Horizon Season Pass, it is included. For those that didn't, it costs 1,600 MS Points.

The expansion pack, of course, goes along with the racing game for Xbox, Forza Horizon released earlier in the year on October 23rd. This version of the game offers a cool musical festival feel. There are all different playgrounds to drive and you can play with your friends on a team or play against them or others online. This was one of the year’s most anticipated releases and praised by users and critics alike.

November brought quite a few Xbox racing games releases like Sega’s Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed developed by Sumo Digital for everyone ages ten and up. One of the really fun things about this game is that the vehicles transform from cars to boats to planes throughout the race as they travel on land, water, and in air. Released five days before that on the 13th was F1 Race Stars developed by Codemasters and rated for everyone. This is a great Formula One racing game for the Xbox 360 with official circuits, teams, and cars, as well as famous drivers. You will find yourself racing through theme parks with excitement. On November 6th, Activision released NASCAR The Game: Inside Line developed by Eutechnyx and also rated for everyone. This game boasts official NASCAR cars, teams, and drivers as you race to win the Sprint Cup Series.

Along with Forza Horizon, another much anticipated Xbox 360 Racing Game was released in October. On the 30th, Electronic Arts released Criterion’s Need For Speed: Most Wanted. The newest edition in this classic series will have you running from the police, racing your friends, and trying to beat your competition while the police are after you the whole time. There are plenty of places to hide and opportunities to earn new vehicles. The critics, as well as users rated this open world game high.

October also saw developer Milestone S.r.l release WRC 3 on the 18th. While critic reviews for this game were mixed, users seemed to enjoy it. The graphics were upgraded and a lot of lighting effects to offer a more realistic experience, were added. Players will also find new weather conditions as well as different terrains to drive on. Users do recommend playing this one with a wheel for the most fun. Earlier in October, Trials of Evolution: Origin of Pain was released by Microsoft Game Studios and developer RedLynx. This newest in the popular series boasts new editor objects, a new BMX bike to race (a first for this game), and 36 new tracks to race on. The game is rated for teens and up and was well received by critics and fans alike.

September only had one new racing game for the Xbox 360 in developer, Codemasters’ mid-month release of  F1 2012. This Formula One game features the 2012 World Championship race and of course Formula One official cars, circuits, drivers, and teams. This game was rated for Everyone and popular, as well.

With those September through December releases being only half of the games released in 2012, there are plenty of opportunities to test your skills. And if you have raced your way through all of them, don’t worry, there is more Xbox 360 racing to come. MUD – FRIM Motocross World Championship is already scheduled for a February 26th release. So if you love Xbox racing games, keep driving!!

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